For members and non-members, if grading and grade stamping of lumber is required, CMSA can come to your site or facility to perform this task.

We need to know the species of the lumber, the grade you would like the lumber stamped as, and whether the lumber is S4S or Rough, if Kiln Dried/Heat Treated, Air Dried or Green, to ensure that the proper grade stamps are purchased or on site for use. We can train your Graders to grade to the necessary grade rule required and train your Grade Stamper the proper location as to where the grade stamp is to be applied. We can only grade and grade stamp lumber that we can handle and see all 4 faces and both ends – we cannot grade or grade stamp lumber that is in a structure. You will have to supply 2 people to handle the lumber and help the CMSA Supervisor.

The cost for this service is $68.75 per hour (plus GST) for members and $81.25 per hour (plus GST) for non-members. These charges will include travel time to and from your site, time on site and, if necessary, expenses for travel and meals.

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