The new CMSA Online Grading Course for Dimension Lumber is designed to give students a knowledge of tree and wood structure, and provide them with the fundamentals on how to determine the grade of a piece of dimension lumber. By doing the prescribed reading and written homework, learning how to read and understand the various grade tables, and then applying the rules to the lumber, the correct grade can be determined, The Grade Rule used is the NLGA rule and can be used on all species including S-P-F, D Fir-L(N), Hem-Fir(N), North Species and any specie listed in the NLGA. Because the NLGA references the NGR, foreign species can also be graded using the NLGA rules.

The grade rules taught include Para 121 Stud, Para 122 Light Framing, Para 124 Structural Light Framing and Structural Joist & Planks, Para 128 MSR Lumber, and Para 129 Finger Joined Stud lumber.

Starting with Wood Structure and Lumber Characteristics, each module is designed for a student to learn the language of lumber grading as they learn how to grade lumber.

Delivered in a PowerPoint format, with well-crafted text, diagrams, pictures, 3D lumber images, and videos, each module will cover all aspects of the particular grade rule being taught.

At the end of the five training modules, there will be a 50-question Theory Exam and a 25-piece Practical Exam.

Students that obtain a final weighted mark of 70% or higher will be given a certificate for successfully completing and passing the course

It is highly recommended that before a student starts this class that they purchase a set of colorized Grade Tables and a copy of the NLGA and CLGM as homework lessons are given in advance of the next module.

CMSA Staff will also be available online, according to a posted schedule to answer any questions a student may have.

Please visit the Store page to purchase the recommended Grade Tables and Grading Books in advance.

Grading Class Member Price Non-Member Price
Dimension Lumber Grading $600.00 $750.00
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