• To produce ISPM 15 compliant Wood Packaging Material, facilities must be registered in CHTWPCP and follow the prescribed rules set by IPPC.
  • Facilities producing IPPC Wood Packaging Material have programs where they either produce and assemble the packaging, or they simply produce and sell the IPPC WPM to another facility for assembly.
  • Facilities who purchase and process heat-treated lumber for WPM must ensure it is treated and marked from a registered HT facility.
  • WPM components produced must be stamped with the producer’s mill number and HT mark.
  • Wood packaging can be defined as:
    • Dunnage
    • Pallets
    • Pallet components
    • Crates
    • Solid wood over 6mm used for transporting goods
  • WPM shipped into the USA is monitored by the ALS to ensure ISPM-15 compliance, as packaging material will likely be used for international shipments.
  • Canada and USA have a bi-lateral agreement where by WPM does not need to be ISPM-15 certified to clear customs.
  • CMSA Is an approved agency who can assist your facility to become a certified producer of Wood Packaging Material. Certified producers are required to be audited by a third-party inspection agency, such as CMSA.

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