This is an in-person CMSA Lumber Grading Class for Western Red Cedar. This class gives students a knowledge of tree and wood structure and provides them with the fundamentals on how to grade a piece of lumber.

Western Red Cedar is a sought-after species that has many unique characteristics and specialized products. This class will teach those grades unique to WRC in addition to other Coastal grades.

Grade rules taught include:

  • R-List Clears under 3”
  • R-List Clears 3” thick to under 5”
  • NLGA Industrial Clears 2” (para. 108)
  • NLGA Clear finish (para. 200)
  • NLGA Clear paneling (para. 200)
  • NLGA Clear ceiling (para. 200)
  • Clear bevel siding
  • R List Shop (para. 419)
  • NLGA Flitches (para. 150)
  • NLGA Knotty Paneling (para. 204)
  • NLGA Knotty Channel Siding
  • NLGA Knotty Bevel Siding (para. 205)
  • NLGA Boards (para. 114)
  • NLGA Light Framing (para. 122)
  • NLGA Structural Joists and Planks (para. 124)
  • NLGA Exterior Patio Decking (para. 126)

Students will be expected to do the prescribed readings and homework prior to each day’s lesson. Instructors will review grade rules, grade tables and assist students as they apply the grade rules to find the correct lumber grades on the classroom samples.

The class is split into 2 semesters. At the end of the first semester there will be a 50 board practical exam. At the end of the second semester there will be a 50 board practical exam and a 100 question written theory exam.

Students who obtain a final weighted mark of 70% or higher will receive a certificate for successfully completing and passing the class.

Students will receive grade manuals and reference material on the first day of class.

Students will need a tape measure, clear ruler, clip board and a calculator.

Grading Class Member Price Non-Member Price Challenge/Admin
Western Red Cedar Lumber Grading $900.00 $1,100.00 $450.00

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