This program is offered as a correspondence course. It is an ongoing course and you may register at any time. After each lesson the students are required to send each quiz to Canadian Mill Services Association for correction. This keeps us in touch with the student’s progress and enables us to answer any questions the student may have. You have one year to complete this correspondence course.


The course consists of 8 lessons covering the fundamentals of Tallying. Topics include:

  1. Calculating linear and board footage, net FBM, cubic footage
  2. Tallying conventions and nomenclature
  3. Figuring average width, thickness, and length of an order or tally
  4. Calculating specified tallies for length and grade
  5. Maintaining specified order averages for incomplete orders or tallies
  6. Figuring with fractional sizes
  7. Figuring specified bundle or package tallies
  8. Figuring values
  9. Correct tally construction methods
  10. Moisture content and shrinkage calculations
  11. Figuring boxcar capacity
  12. Estimating shipment weights
  13. Using the metric system in lumber figuring

At the end of the course, you must arrange to write the final examination. The exam has a time limit of 2 hours. You can use a non-programmable calculator. No books or reference materials will be permitted into the exam.

You need to have at least 70% of the final exam to secure a Tally Ticket.

Grading Class Member Price Non-Member Price Challenge/Admin
Basic Lumber Figuring (Lumber Tallying) $375.00 $425.00 $230.00 (in house)
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