For simplicity and uniformity, Lumber produced in BC and Canada is tallied, offered for sale, and invoiced in a standardize manner.

The unit of measure used in the forest industry is Foot Board Measure (FBM), but may also include cubic footage, or Cubic Meters.

FBM measurement of lumber in Canada is a standardized procedure and is accepted and understood in BC and all other provinces in Canada.

If you would like to learn how lumber in its various forms (lineal, pieces, bundles, loads, shipments etc) is calculated and converted into FBM, and then possibly converted into Cubic Meters, then you should take this course.

Industry employees looking to advance their careers should take this course as many companies require the Certificate that is issued as a means to promote an employee.

A total of 8 lessons make up this correspondence course and at the end, an Exam is available.

The pass mark is 70.0% and higher; all successful students of this correspondence course will be issued a Certificate of Pass which you can then show your employer.

Grading Class Member Price Non-Member Price Challenge/Admin
Basic Lumber Figuring (Lumber Tallying) $375.00 $425.00 $230.00 (in house)

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