MSR Supervisor / MSR Operator Certification Course – Part 1

Our new MSR (Machine Stress-rated) Certification course has been developed and is now posted for our MSR Members who need to get their MSR Supervisors or MSR Operators certified.

This course will also be of interest for member employees and members of the public who would like to learn more about MSR lumber.

All topics of MSR lumber production is covered including certifying a new MSR machine, what you need to know before you start, Qualifying MSR grades, Visual MSR Grade requirements, ongoing Quality Controlling of MSR production, CUSUM functions, Temperature considerations, Out-of-Control situations, and Grade Stamping requirements.

For those students that take this on-line course and pass the exam at the end, a “Certificate of Pass” will be issued.

For those students who need to be MSR qualified and certified, they will have to complete and pass Part 1 of this on-line course, and then proceed with Part 2 of our MSR Supervisor/MSR Operator Certification program. This involves working with a CMSA Supervisor and demonstrating the proficient use of a Proof Loader, demonstrating that they understand the Visual MSR Grade restrictions, demonstrating that they know how to do CUSUMs calculations, and that they understand how to navigate the Out-Of-Control flow charts.

For those students that pass both Part 1 and Part 2 of our MSR Certification course, they will receive a “Certificate of MSR Certification” which may be required by your employer.

MSR Supervisor / MSR Operator Certification Course – Part 2

Part 2 of our new MSR (Machine Stress-rated) Certification course for Supervisors and Operators has now been finalized and is ready for students.

Once you have completed and passed Part 1, contact CMSA, or your CMSA Supervisor to arrange for Part 2 testing.

To pass Part 2, you will have to demonstrate to your CMSA Supervisor that:

  • You understand the “Visual Restrictions” for MSR lumber. This will involve going through MSR loads with your CMSA Supervisor.
  • You know how to select samples for testing. Selecting samples from production or from the surveyed MSR load.
  • You are proficient at calibrating the Proof Loader with both the Proving Ring and Aluminum Bar.
  • You know how to test MSR samples for MOE and MOR as well as recording all other information required, and that you understand how to apply the “Overhang Procedures” if a piece fails before it reaches the desired MOR value.
  • You understand how to fill out the CUSUM forms and you understand how to navigate the Out-of-Control flow charts if a MSR value goes out-of-control.

Part 2 will take 2 to 3 hours plus travel time.

Complete and Pass both Part 1 and Part 2 of our MSR Certification course, and CMSA will issue to you an official “MSR Supervisor/Operator Certificate” .

If you have any questions, please contact

or or your CMSA Supervisor.

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