Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) Certification

Points of New JAS Law
Type of Agricultural / Forest Products which can be certified
JAS Certified Facilities (UPDATED)
Certification Fees


New JAS Law has become effective as of March 2006, and Canadian Mill Services Association has been approved as a Registered Overseas Certifying Body (ROCB) for sawn softwood lumber under new JAS Law.

Points of New JAS Law
In order to promote sophisticated distibution managment by the private sector, as well as to contribute to consumer choices of agricultural and forestry products characterized by distinctive methods, it has become possible to establish JAS Standards consisting of criteria for 'distribution methods'.
Grading by Registered Grading Organizations, Prefectures or the Center for Food Quality, Labeling and Consumer Services has been abolished.
In addition to the producers, distributors and importers with the competence to manage production processes and inspect to verify if products are produced in accordance with JAS Standards are able to attahch after JAS marks provided certified by Registered Certifying Bodies.
The mills that are already certified under old JAS Law have a choice where they apply for certification under NEW JAS Law, or they maintain the current certification under old JAS Law, which is valid until the end of February, 2009.



Types of Agricultural / Forest Products which can be certified

Structural Lumber for Wood Frame Construction (JAS 600 except for MSR Lumber)
Structural Fingerjoined Lumber for Wood Frame Construction (JAS 701FJ)
Structural Softwood Lumber (JAS 1083)
Glued Laminated Timber (JAS 1152)
Flooring (JAS1073)
Plywood (JAS233)
Laminated Veneer Lumber (JAS701LVL)

JAS Certified Mills

Please click here for the list of CMSA JAS Certified Facilities (as of March 23, 2019)



Certification Fees

Basic Certification Fee = US$6,050.00 per mill and 1 item
In the case of additional certification, CMSA will have to charge actual cost
* CMSA applies the following Service Rate for all activities of CMSA Quality Controls.
  (CMSA Quality Inspector Fee: US$550.00/day)
1) Application Fee
US$550.00 x 2 working days = US$1,100.00
2) Site Inspection Fee

US$550.00 x 8 working days = US$4,400.00
(Including QC System check, Trial runs and Testing, JAS Training and Reporting, Grade Stamp administration and Start-up)

3) Judgment Fee
US$550.00 x 1 working days = US$550.00
In addition to above cost:
1) Other special equipment expenses are chargeable at cost.
2) All "out of pocket expenses" for materials, hotels, meals, travel and others are chargeable at cost.
  3) For JAS600, JAS701, JAS1152, and JAS1073, all cost incurred for physical tests.
  4) For Re-inspection, CMSA will have to charge actual cost at CMSA Quality Inspector Fee: US$550.00/day, all cost incurred for physical tests, all administration and judgment fee (1day = US$550).

Audit Fees

It is required that CMSA conducts Regular Audit (Annual) on every JAS Certified mill to ensure the mill's compliance to JAS Law and the applicable JAS Standard. The audit consists of the Mill Inspection (verification of the QC system, equipment and personnel, etc. according to the JAS Technical Standard) and the Product Inspection.

Audit fees will be based upon the manday rate (US$550.00).

Plus all the travel expenses and all cost incurred for physical tests (as a part of the product inspection).







Please contact CMSA office by:
Phone: (604) 523-1288
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