The Canadian Mill Services Association (CMSA) is a member-supported, nonprofit organization that has provided hands-on technical and education services to forest industry producers in British Columbia, Canada, since 1994.  Focusing on core values of respect, knowledge integrity and innovation, CMSA delivers cost-effective, market-driven services in technical certification, inspection and testing, manufacturing process audits, and training.  CMSA members and clients benefit from our internationally recognized expertise in grade stamping, certification and technical training, which is critical to growth and profitability in the competitive global markets of the 21st century.

CMSA Membership

As a CMSA Member, you have full access to our top-quality technical services at competitive rates-including a custom package of grade stamping, certification and education services- paying only for the ones you actually use.

By joining CMSA and taking full advantage of our advanced technical support services, our members are positioning themselves to survive and thrive in the new, rapidly changing global lumber market.


There are two classes of membership: Voting Members and Associate (Nonvoting) members. Voting members must be engaged in the production of wood products and are entitled to grade inspection services. Associate members may be wholesalers, shippers or mills which do not require grading services (Plant Health Members).

Membership Fee Information

CMSA Membership Fee Information.pdf

If you are interested in joining CMSA, please External link opens in new tab or windowcontact our office or External link opens in new tab or windowGeneral Manager (Stuart Sing).